Southern Flavor with a dash of southern hospitality

Southern Art was born out of a mother and daughter’s love for the South. My mom grew up in a small town in South Korea and I was born and raised in Georgia. There’s something about southern cooking, no matter what part of the world you are in, that makes you coming back for more. 

As I moved away from home for college and work, my mom would always mail me sauces or even go as far as sending me frozen marinated meat through the mail. Friends and family would also ask her to share her recipes and bottle her sauces - which is how Southern Art Co. came to be. 

As a mother-daughter team, our goal is to bring joy to families and friends while celebrating southern flavors & a dash of Southern hospitality! 




Bringing joy to family & friends with excellent ingredients, impecible flavors, and a dash of Southern hospitality, always.